The Dynamics of Conflicts in Africa in the Early 21st Century

After decades of civil wars, state collapses, famines and genocides Africa experienced significant developments in the new millennium. Booming economies, the spread of good governance and democracy and the end of armed conflicts were the benchmarks of the new era. Nevertheless, there is still another side of Africa. On this side we find the prolonged conflicts of Sudan and Somalia, the challenges of peacekeeping in the Central African Republic and Mali, and the increasing tensions of Northern Nigeria and the Maghreb. Therefore, contrary to many optimistic works, this book will concentrate on the dynamics of conflicts and challenges in Africa – not only armed struggles, but other aspect of crises, too. To achieve their goals, the editors asked Hungarian and foreign experts to contribute to the book by the examination of different challenges of the continent. Some of the thirteen articles will explore wider regional or continental issues ( Concerted Development Strategy for Africa, BRICS in Africa and the Brazilian approach) while others will focus on more local issues (Black Holes of Insecurity – the North of Mali, The Border Dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea). It is important that the papers describe not only the problems but also the best practices which could contribute to the lasting solution to the crises.

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