Budapest Report on Christian Persecution 2018

„The Budapest Report, presenting the situation of persecuted Christian communities in the world is published in 2018 for the second time. The Hungarian Government initiated the publication of a summary report in 2017 with the aim of familiarizing the Hungarian general and scientific community with the traditions, life and prospects of specific Christian communities in a credible manner every year. The report was also published in English last year making it accessible for the international community as well. […] The publication does not simply provide comprehensive information on persecuted Christians, but it also aims at promoting solidarity and assistance to persecuted communities.”
Cardinal Péter Erdő
the Primate of Hungary, Archbishop of Esztergom–Budapest

„The foundations of our program are common sense and social solidarity […] In the near future, our intent is to make more people realize: the transformation of the faulty Western aspect and the stability of the crisis regions may bring about change in the protection of the persecuted Christians and all communities living in the affected countries. Our cause, in which we can also count on the help of the Visegrád countries, is a noble one. […] I wish that reports on persecuted Christians would become redundant as soon as possible, in which respect we have a lot to do together. I trust that this book will make benevolent people act, so that the peace we have promised may come true.”

Zsolt Semjén
Deputy Prime Minister


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