Effects of Global Climate Change and Improvement of Adaptation Especially in the Public Service Area

Dear Reader, thank you for your interest towards the problem of global climate change and the challenges it can cause. We know that this hazard is absolutely actual and concerns billions of people. Because of the quickness of the process’s changes it is very diffi cult to be up to date. Please regard this book or collection of studies as a snapshot on a two-year research teamwork organised at the National University of Public Service dealing with diff erent related adaptation problems and possible solutions. You can fi nd very diff erent essays about specifi c areas such as climate modelling, state and forecast of climate change consequences, human and ecosystems aspects and climate sensitivity, reliability of certain technologies, tasks of disaster management, security technologies and public media. We also made some international overview presenting the similar or diff erent eff ects in some European countries. Our investigations are based on literature analysis, on-site examples, historical data evaluation, data analysis, using of GIS systems and making of interviews.

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